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Our Wensleydales

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The Flock Royals

Wensleydales also tend to be flock leaders, but are reserved, refined and sophisticated. They are almost royal with their blue noses and high profiles! Now and then you will find one that attaches themselves to you. I have one ewe who has taken a liking to my husband Steve and when ever he is in the paddocks, she will find him and gently touch his hand. She listens very intently as he tells her she is beautiful – if she had two legs I might be jealous!! As a breed they are very intelligent. My first set of triplets figured out during weaning that “Mom” was on the other side of the fence and all they had to do was jump… I had to double the height of the fence to keep those three in! I have not had an issue sense, but I also watch them very carefully!

These amazing animals create the most beautiful fleeces! A good friend of mine describes them best by saying its like the fiber has a light inside of it! The fleeces seem to sparkle and you need to be careful or you will find they jump into your hands before you know it! Most of our breeding has come from artificial insemination from semen brought in from England. This year we bred several of our ewes with semen from an Irish ram, River Dance. Each year we have slowly been increasing the percentage of our Wensleydales within our flock, If all goes well we will have full-bloods (96%) this year. You will find both white and colored animals in our flock and they too will produce a six inch lock every eight to nine months. For more infomation visit:

Meet the Moorit

The Moorit Project

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