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Selected for conformation, personality, and moderate birth weight of ewes having strong mothering and birthing ease.

Lincoln Semen


UK Rams

Semen brought into the US in late 2020


Semen - Shortwood Wooster


Breeding Rams

023 Ram.jpeg

Much goes into the production of a breeding ram. When I first started raising wool sheep, I found that selecting for one trait – in my case wool production – the result was a much smaller animal within one or two generations. Thus, since that time we have selected for the over the “all production animal” looking at sound conformation, moderate birth weight and personality.  

Aggressive rams are sold for meat and not sold as rams. Inexperienced buyers are instructed in ram management to prevent aggression from occurring. Any animal that is high headed or over “responsive” is removed from the flock.

Ewes are scored as they lamb for birthing ease and mothering. Those females receiving a low birthing ease score (barring triplets or quads) will be monitored and removed if it is consistent. An ewe that cannot feed a single or set of twins will be removed from the flock.  Great effort is made to ensure the developing ewe lambs are not allowed to become fat, as the fat will be deposited in the udder and destroy future milk production.

Only the “cream of the crop” becomes an ANIROONZ ram. And there is a saying here, “A future ram is born a ram”. You watch them when they are growing. They have an attitude, and a carriage to them that says, I AM HE!!

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