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Of all the breeds I have the fewest Teeswaters but am slowly increasing my numbers. I find their personalities a bit more timid than the other breeds and they seem to be more standoffish. And yet when they are hurting they do know where to go. This past year, one of my young ewes was in labor…though she did not know what it was all about. She just knew that she was hurting and followed me around vocalizing and touching my hand. I kept encouraging her and went about my feeding. She eventually found ‘her corner’ and as the moon eclipse went full she delivered my first colored Teeswater lamb – MoonE for moon eclipse. MoonE is a beautiful steel gray and whose fleece will take your breathe away!

The Teeswater fleece is similar to the Wensleydale fleece which is appropriate as they have similar breeding in their backgrounds. My Teeswater’s tend to have smaller locks than the Wensleydales though it varies with animal. Like the Lincoln and Wensleydales they are long wool and are sheared every eight to nine months with a six inch lock. They are gorgeous. Other than MoonE all of my Teeswaters are white. We are artificial insemination with out Teeswaters too and it is in hopes that within another year we will have full-bloods. For more infomation visit:

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