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Romedale CVM - California Variegated Mutant 

Of the five breeds at ANIROONZ, the CVM’s are the only fine wool breed. If you had to compare the CVM fleece to another breed, it would have to be the merino. This past June, one of my CVM ewes, Suzette produced the grand champion colored fleece at Black Sheep Gathering! CVM fleeces are soft and fine with a beautiful crimp. The fiber makes incredible sweaters, socks, hats and other works of art. Our animals have many different colors from soft greys to black to moorit (red brown)– some solid and some patterned fleeces.

Our CVM’s are more timid than the other breeds but do not miss anything. They are incredibly observant always watching. When “the bucket” with grain is carried out of the barn, I have several ewes that will move like greased lightening around the bossy Lincolns to get the grain first!

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