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A Bit Bossy

Of all the breeds that we have, I have to admit, this breed has the softest spot in my heart. Their wool would not be the fiber used for a soft sweater or garment that you would wear next to your skin. Lincoln fiber is more appropriate for outer garments, tapestries and rugs. The bold and sharp lustrous locks are incredible! I find a Lincoln fleece irresistible for character and iridescence!! Lincoln lamb fleeces are like chameleons with the fleece ever changing. What you get at birth is not what they will grow up to be. Most of my Lincolns are born white or black or black with “frosting”. This is due to varying amounts of white fiber on predominantly black fleeces looks like a delicate icing when the lambs are born. As the black lamb ages the color generally turns grey or silver or platinum colored while an occasionally rare animal will stay black. Lincolns grow a six inch lock every eight to nine months, thus the longwool name. On occasion when I have not been able to get my rams sheared I have harvested a ten inch staple.

Part of the genetic program at ANIROONZ involves a line of Lincoln Longwool’s from Dobrey Adam’s flock out of Kentucky. Her breeding resulted in a moorit-colored (red-brown) Lincoln which before that time had not ever been recorded. Having acquired several animals from this genetic line, I have spent several years outbreeding four different lines for greater genetic diversity. This year I will start crossing back in an attempt to have the homozygous recessive trait expressed. In simple terms, acquire a moorit-colored Lincoln! Stay tuned! 

Characteristically the Lincoln is a bossy sheep. The Lincolns and my Wensleydales will always be my flock leaders. But there the similarity of the two breed personalities ends. The Wensleydales tend to be the reserved, refined and sophisticated leader while the Lincoln is just down right bossy! Not only will they tell what they want, but they will tell you about it – over and over again! They are very pushy, vocal and have to have their noses in everyone’s business. They are one of the first to check out what is going on in the neighborhood – and then start talking about it. Pure personality!

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