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How we grade our fleeces...

PREMIUM Fleeces are those fleeces that we have taken the time to skirt heavily removing as much of the vegetable matter (VM) and removing the inconsistent fiber. Let us know what you think.

Discounted fleeces are those that were prime several years ago. Circumstances prevented timely marketing of our fleeces. Thus, we have been left with a surplus of older fleeces. If the fleeces are from 2021or 2022, they have been discounted. With washing, these fleeces will work well for almost all projects.  If you are interested in older or ram fleeces, let us know and we can negotiate. 

Naughty fleeces are those that are heavy in vegetable matter (VM), cotted (felted), sheared too short (less than 4 inches) or is britchy (more coarse fiber). This is NOT a premium fleece but for someone that has time to work and clean the fiber, it is an economical strategy for “EWE”!!

ALL Karakul lamb fleeces are unskirted, or directly off the animal.- Adult Karakul fleeces available upon request.

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