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Breed: Wensleydale

Name/ Tag: 310

Staple Length: 4"

Weight: 1.6 lb


Naughty First Lamb Fleece

SKU: 424
  • Well ALWAYS sheep get into their food. And sometimes in their exuberance to eat, they wind up wearing their food, imbedded in their fleeces. What that means is we sometimes find a lot of vegetable matter (VM) in the fleece. Or sometimes the fleeces become a bit felted (also called cotted)…or sometimes we see a bit of Britch (fiber found on the hip of the animal) that is more hair than wool. Sometimes we just sheared the sheep’s fleece too short, so the staple length is less that a minimum of 4 inches. No matter the issue, it is not the premium fleece that we would like to see and desire – so these types of fleeces are just NAUGHTY!!! And if they are naughty, they are much more economical to “EWE”!!!

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