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Copper and Nutritional Considerations of Handspinning Sheep
Dr. Nancy Irlbeck, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Agricultural Sciences, discusses Copper and Nutritional Considerations of Handspinning Sheep

Feeding and Producing Sheep for Maximum Fiber Production - Is it Realistic?
Grazing sheep on green pastures amid the daisies in the sunshine. Immaculate, shining white fleeces of cloud-like personas sliding off the sheep’s backs into waiting bags. True or False? FALSE! Anyone raising sheep for wool – range or farm flock – are very aware that this is not reality. It takes a lot of work and management to acquire a prime fleece, and it sure does not slide off of the sheep’s back. Amazingly, potential fiber production actually begins in utero and continues through the animal’s life. What you feed the animal, when you feed the animal and how much you feed and don’t feed the animal has a large impact on fiber production of an individual animal. This seminar includes a brief primer on genetics, feeding management and husbandry systems to feed animals for wool – and a discussion of what is realistic and what is not.


Lambing Season at Aniroonz Sheep Company

NTP/Ceed Bi-weekly huddle with Nancy Irlbeck

Raising Sheep & Goats For Profit

Raising Sheep and Goats